Power Fist of Arbitrator Lord Urexes

More claw than fist but equally as dangerous

weapon (melee)

A golden hand, slightly larger than that of a humans and with elongated fingers. Tipping the end of these fingers are black nails, shaped so as to resemble the talons of a raptor or other bird of prey.

A power pack is attached and fits neatly into the bottom of most backpacks or attached to standard issue infantry webbing.


Previously owned by Abritor Lord Urexes this ornate power fist was both a symbol of rank and means of execution for many.

Urexes was lost and reported missing during a mission to enforce imperial law on Quaddis during the festival of tattered fates. It is rumoured that we was slain instantly the second the grand conjunction began, innumerable shots from the nobility in attendance at Gabriel Chase the cause of death, Quaddis’s isolation and unique status preventing and imperial investigation or reprisal from occurring.

Power Fist of Arbitrator Lord Urexes

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