Karven Bollar - Deceased


Tall, powerfully built, ebon skinned warrior

Bald, black eyes

45 Solar Standard Years old

Originally from Dusk

Trained from young age by I Greyhawk

Psychological tests indicate signs of mental flaws

Track record under Greyhawk studded with successes, however these were achieved frequently at higher cost of life or to civilian population than anticipated

Murmurings of dissent amongst other Cells of Karven taking credit past his due for joint operations

Promoted to Interrogator after death whilst possessed


Leader of Cell Alpha

Cell destroyed in battle to relive munitorium bastion Polenarth

Killed and possessed by enemy forces

Attempted to discredit Cell Theta and assassinated 6 targets

Stopped and killed by Cell Theta before he could kill seventh target, the ecclesiarcy bishop Sejanus and invoke breach in warp

Karven Bollar - Deceased

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