Intios Makerel

Tech-Priest Secutor


Resembling the very stereo-type of the followers of the Machine Cult. A large Tech-Priest with several blessing of the Omnissiah, his body is extensively enhanced by cybernetic technology, but very limited bionic replacements commonly associated with a Tech-Priest of his rank. Regularly wearing the Crimson Robes of brotherhood little of his body is on display to those unworthy.

Having recently lost several Mechadentrites, through mutilation during imprisonment, he still wields their stumps on his back. He tries to hide them under clothes as he finds it a point of shame and embarrassment.


Knowing only the brotherhood of the Collegia he was raised and trained in from his earliest memory, his life was guided in the great machine that is Forge world Hesh. Having no understanding of the nuclear family he places no value on genetic parentage, his life was guided by teachers, so he holds those more knowledgeable in a patriarch position.

Life is hard on a forge world, and harder still on those in the Lathe System. He was a quick study and passed second in his class with exemplary evaluations. Once his body was mature enough he underwent the implantation of Mechanicus Implants, namely his Cyber-Mantle or “true flesh” as the Mechanicum calls it. He then proceeded in perfecting their ritualistic use, and was assigned a role in the great forges to earn his blessing.

His interpersonal skill stood out in professional life and was selected for further training for secondment to an exploritor fleet. Unusually rigorous testing in combat training and intuitive problem solving selected him for a special assignment, and he left his home for the Tricorn Palace.

To ease the growing tensions between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition, and stave off open conflict, an agreement was reached. An open and free exchange of information, beginning with the assignment of assets in key position of employment, would put to rest either faction had of the other. This would not be a short operation, resistance to change would be high on both sides, as thousands of years of mistrust could only be done in hundreds of years.

Intios Makerel was one such asset, assigned to Inquisitor Greyhawk, and reporting back to Arch Magos ######## #### ######

Intios Makerel

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