Inquisitor Ulysses Greyhawk


As high ranking member of the Ordo Malleus he has used his networks to find connections and plots others over looked, specialising in Exterminatus of large cults collaborating with forces of the “Arch Enemy”. His name is praised stridently by fellow Inquisitors and cursed in whispered enclaves by the worst of heretics alike.

His rank comes with duty and responsibility constantly vying for his attention; this combined with his notoriety make is rare for him to take an active role in the investigations. Though only a direct order from his superiors can dissuade him from personally aiding in purging those corrupted denizens of the immaterium.

Respect has seated him on many tribunals and examinations into nefarious activity. Currently the majority of his focus is in leading an undisclosed taskforce in the investigation of the disappearance of St Drusus’s body, and its possible possession by a being known as the Dei-Phage. Reports are unresolved at present but numerous sector wide sighting correlate with know Maledictors Hands associates, resulting in the uprising of the underclass populous, and slaughtering the nobles on several compliant worlds.

Greyhawk has a large network of informants and acolyte cells spread across the Calixis sector and Imperium beyond. Several were inherited from his mentor, but he has built many himself to become one of the most informed men in the sector.

One of his most troublesome acolyte groups our adventurers belong to, Cell Theta.

Inquisitor Ulysses Greyhawk

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