Inquisitor Kharkolla - Deceased


The inquisitor was discovered after horrible interrogation procedure. Both legs were removed below the knee, and his right arm missing, the left side of his face was flensed down to the bone.

Quite the opposite of his usual handsome, imposing presence


Karkalla was a member of the Ordo Xenos for several decades. His last investigation lead him on the trail of the Beast House slaver “Marcus Vulpa” (Jackal Mask). Arriving on Quaddis with a small retinue it appears he was unprepared for the greater involvement of the cult Pilgrims of Hayte. They were able to gather clue suggesting the “Festival of Tattered Fates” might hide a malign plot to kill the planet. Sadly he, and his retinue, was killed before anything could be done to thwart the plot.

Only one acolyte survived, the “White Scholar”, an Adept researching in the city data stacks.
He managed to relay some information to Cell Theta during their escape, before he died of his wounds.

Inquisitor Kharkolla - Deceased

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