Erasmus Haarlock

Whereabouts Unknown - Unknown if alive or not


Age Unknown
Whereabouts Unknown
Unknown if still alive


Erasmus Haarlock was the last Haarlock to hold the ancestral seat and the rogue trader charter

Due to a fortuitous birth he also had title to the familys naval exploration fleet

This caused jealousy amongst the other members of the family who arranged for assassins to kill Erasmus and his family. Their attack failed and Erasmus survived, his wife and young child however did not.

This marked the turning point in Erasmus’s career and character. From not actively embracing the life of a rogue trader, Erasmus in short order had all of the immediate family that had ordered the killing exterminated. Then, following a long period, of what it is now known to be heretical study, he vanishes from imperial history into obscurity, legend and infamy.

Erasmus Haarlock

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