Arch Cardinal Ignato - Deceased


An old man with a thin face, narrow eyes, and an air of authority. Commonly wearing the lavish robes of his office.

Later he was a skinless, bloody mess, fuelled onwards by his mad zeal


Rising to the head of the Calixis Sector branch of the Adeptus Ministorum over the last century, he holds influence over one of Imperiums core factions. And with Rank Arch Cardinal it is his responsibility to oversee the Ecclesiarchys’ maintenance and spread of the Imperial Cult from his seat in the Cathedral of Illumination.

However for many years he had growing anger over the state of the Calixis Sectors population, seeing it as “a pit of sin and depravity, and that it must be cleansed.” He was a leading figure in the creation of a secret cult devout on righting this depravity, the Maledictors Hand.

“Our task is to bring about a religious cataclysm, the fires of which shall burn this sector’s corrupt and stagnant worlds, to be replaced with a fresh crop of believers under the rulership of the clergy we place in power.”

However his fervour continued to grow beyond the limits deemed acceptable by his cult, and they stripped him of the rank and power they had escalated him to. Another was put in his place, wearing his skin to disguise as Ignato and to continue Maledictors Hands sanctioned work, while he slept in stasis, stewing in his anger.

Until decades later his captor was killed by the Inquisition, and released from his slumber his rage boiled over. A mutilated horror, he travelled to the Shrine of St Drusus, and performing the most heretical of ceremonies, resurrected the dead saint with the power of the warp. Shortly after he was slain by Inquisitorial forces, never to see the full destructive force he had let loose on the Sector.

With further Maledictors Hands members to hunt down, the political power struggle in the leaderless and confused Adeptus Minisstorum, and the horror of the resurrected Dei-Phage with the power to ignite a sector wide rebellion, Ignato’s death by no man ends his influence.

Arch Cardinal Ignato - Deceased

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