Andronitus Betuncare



Slight build, pale skinned youth from Ullnor

23 Solar Standard Years

Expelled from Ullnor Naval Academy for 27 separate reckless behaviour citations

Gambling debts result in forced service to Franx Geldenhammer of Scintillan underworld fame

Following death of Franx at hands of Cell members, surrenders and joins Cell as pilot


Pilot of Spear of Pardua

Captured along with Spear of Pardua on Scintilla following crash landing on hab rooftop

Served Cell since his capture & surrender as pilot.

During the Mission: Festival of the Tattered Fates
Andronitus and the Guncutter were given orders to search for Relics on a Feral world called Kanak. It crash landed here for as yet unknown reasons. Andronitus was seriously injured, but the emergency beacon alerted a nearby friendly Imperial Guard unit, which recovered Andronitus in his critical condition. He was transferred from ship to ship, slowly making his way to across the sector, to a central space station for better medical attention.

Andronitus Betuncare

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