The Trials of Cell Theta

Tattered Fates

Narrowly escaping the destruction that awaited the Space Hulk Twilight the group was brought before Greyhawk. We told him of our adventure and handed over our hard won prizes.

We introduced the only surviving member of the Cell that we met onboard and we took him into our fold, having legally declared him among the slain on the space hulk.

After the debrief we were instantly thrust into our next situation. Inquisitor Greyhawk introduced us to the wizened old figure of Arch-Cardinal Herotedus. We have been tasked to go to individual planets and search for Artifacts that link to the Haarlock rogue trader line. This is a line so ancient that it fought with the Angevin Crusade to take the Sector and while the deed is still active, no one has been currently head of the Haarlock line for almost 200 years.

They did fall on dark times though. During the Crusade one Falstino Haarlock, then head of the line was responsible for taking the planet Quaddis. His plan was brilliant for its simplicity. By not advancing the technology of the planet too far, it would never fall under Imperial rule. As the owner of this planet he could sell it off piece by piece to the highest bidders as a kind of free state zone.

Of course this galled the Imperium but with so many of its highest ranked members and officials owning property on Quaddis they were unable to do anything about it without throwing the whole Sector into strife.

There have been dark rumours and portents heard that Erasmus Haarlock is set to return. No one knows why or how but this is why we are here. To investigate and find out.

We are given 3000 throne gelt each to do what we need before we are sent to individual planets to follow separate lines of Inquiry. Danth goes to the Lathes, Ciaphas to Barsapine, 624 to Amalthus, Intios to Heed, and Delaine to Landunder.

We are to make weekly reports to Greyahwk with our progress.


Ciaphas – On Barsapine I have been investigating the Souks and to gather information on any unusual items that maybe for sale. I fall in with a bad crowd and learn of the black market that operates on Barsapine.

624 – Learned that there are large shipments being made by a local arms dealer.

Danth – No luck with the cogboys, keeping quiet.


Ciaphas – Pushed my connections too hard, too soon, they have become wary and shut me out of the loop a bit

Danth – Made a real impact with the workers, learned that there have been lots of disappearances of Noble children recently.

624 – joined a merc group and performed a few tasks. Also heard rumours of missing nobles

Intios – No Report

Delaine – No report


Ciaphas – They asked me to prove myself by leading this cult in a sermon against the imperium, I tried my best to lead them along and further implant myself in them but failed. I could not summon the necessary fervour to make them believe.

Danth – Posing as a ship trader (which was lols), went to meet with some nobles, he didn’t do too badly overall and found out that a Senator’s daughter was missing.

624 – Promoted to a squad leader after a daring raid on an ork encampment


Ciaphas – No report

624 – No Report

Danth – Went investigating clock makers (as the Haarlocks loved them some clocks) and found out about the great silver clock in their mansion on Quaddis, this clock also only chimes 13 times in the festival of Tattered fates when a solar eclipse occurs and lawlessness is rife.


No reports whatsoever.

Each of us in our respective locations are captured and brought together.

When we next awoke Ciaphas, 624 and Danth were all together with a group of randomers in what looked to be an arena. We were stripped of all our gear so were were practically defenceless. On the edge of the arena we could see a person in a Heron mask watching. As he looked onwards howling came from near the grates that led from the arena and we were greeted by the sight of a horde of foul crazy mutant warp dog things with no eyes. In their rush to get to us they all jammed up the exit but one managed to get through. He set about slaughtering the innocent people there, using a discarded bone as a shank danth dispatched this foul beast when 2 more leapt through the entrance.

It was at this point that a ladder leading out of the arena descended from the wall and we attempted our escape with two people in tow. One didn’t make it but one escaped with us only to die moments later upon our escape.

We had been aided by a mysterious figure who had dispatched what appeared to be our captor in dirty leathers. We stole his clothes and his gun and found a note pinned to the wall by a knife!

We started to make our way through this unknown complex and encountered some scavengers who we scared off with a gunshot. We then stole some cool stuff from the dead guy they were eating.

Moving swiftly on we entered what appeared to be a giant vertical tube with a narrow bridge crossing it. The tube extended beyond our vision above and below. As we crossed it a crazy giant bat deal attacked us, mainly Ciaphus as he was quite wounded from those crazy blind arena dogs. But he stabbed it into hell.

The next room of note we encountered was a giant room with a walkway going down the middle and two large blender type deals on either side in pools of blood and gore, 2 servitors stood on the walkway, opposite each other by the railings and grabbed unidentifiable falling chunks of meat to throw into the blender chopper blades.

What ensued, was carnage…

A few rolls and some burned fate points later we managed to escape to the other side.

After making steady progress for an hour or two we came across 3 intelligent individuals taking a Hexalid for a walk… They were trying to put it in a cage really but they were dressed as the bad guy who was in control of the arena so we shot them, the Hexalid then managed to break free and munch them up before coming for us… We kicked its ass.

Gathering what supplies and clothing we could from the dudes we moved on to a big storage room full of containers. We entered in the dark but the center was lit. Leaving a nice area of shadow for us to skulk through.

Fight way out of tunnels and up to city level, discover Inquisitor Kharkolla mortally wounded and swear to stop the ‘Heron masks’ plan & save planet. Bump into Delain and Inteos, being transported to be sold as slaves.

Left with no gear, strike bargain with local trader @ Jonathan’s Wares for gold & shotgun

Approach old woman Madame Mengru for healing, asks Cell to kill rival physician, Dr Barnabus

After visiting clinic of Dr Barnabus the Cell surprised him and one member attempts robbery, held back by Cleric but after firing upon the Cell, Barnabus is executed, his body defiled to assist in robbery of his practice

Encounter a Lady Mel’ua who was searching for her missing brother Larx Mel’ua. Asked acolytes to contact her if he or anything relating to him or her bloodline was discovered.

After healing by Madame Mengru, the acolytes returned to Promenade where they intervene to stop murder of preacher Obidiah Psalter. Psalter leads them to his ruined parish, done so by the ‘Beloved’ who had a Heron mask on. The ruined templum was host to a symbol of 8 packing boxes which when touched, unleashed 3 demons into the world. The acolytes barely defeated the demons who were wracked with instability due to their surroundings. Having their wounds bound by Psalters contact from a local clinic the acolytes discovered numerous astrological charts and blood lineages of sector nobility relating to the Haarlock line and relations to it. Following thus the Cell prepared to find Papa Grist at the Fates Wheel & the White Scholar



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