The Trials of Cell Theta

The Undoing (part 1)

Following on from your exploits on Quaddis, instead of Greyhawk in person, you receive a data slate, the message reads:
“I am detained elsewhere. This ship will take you to Scintilla now where I have secured R&R lodgings for you. Rest and re-stock. I will have need of you soon if all goes well, and sooner if not. Never forget that the God Emperor protects all those who are devout and loyal. Wait for word on Scintilla.”

The messenger, a friendly looking Imperial soldier named Harten, beckons you to an Aquila Lander which takes you into orbit, to a standard class light cruiser which is stationary next to another light cruiser. To the untrained eye they look identical. They are un-imaginatively named: The Emperor’s Sword, and The Emperor’s Shield.

You land on Scintilla, and Harten points you to the R&R lodgings, located next to the barracks. Company Commander Kadence of the Fourteenth Blue Gauge Command (aka PDF) is responsible for the R&R lodgings, and is very dislikeable.

Inteos, 624 and Ciaphas Cain go exploring, and find an Inn on one of the lower levels and trade some gear. Amasec is drunk, and the time passes.

The next day the adepts go exploring through the Hive city. They find the Astro-path tower and Adeptus Administratum, in the hope of finding out more information about Inquisitor Greyhawk, and to find out what happened to their lost Guncutter and pilot – Andronitus.

They discover that Andronitus and the Guncutter were given orders to search for Relics on a Feral world called Kanak. It crash landed here for as yet unknown reasons. Andronitus was seriously injured, but the emergency beacon alerted a nearby friendly Imperial Guard unit, which recovered Andronitus in his critical condition. He was transferred from ship to ship, slowly making his way to across the sector, to a central space station for better medical attention.

The adepts hack into the Administratum, drawing the attention of the Adeptus Arbites. After a stand-off, and the identities of the adepts being confirmed, they are released.

The next day, the adepts receive the following message:

‘You have been released of your duty and are no longer deemed Acolytes of the Inquisition. All powers and titles are hence forth relinquished. It would be deemed treacherous to inform any persons of your previous role as an Inquisitor, or if you discuss it with previous contacts.
However, the Administratum still believes you can be of service to the God Emperor. In employment, your taxes and tithes will support our unending effort. As such, if you do enter into employment please find the form E6-334-SSG-2 to ensure all tithes and taxes are deducted as appropriate.
We hope you find glory in this, as in all service to the God-Emperor.

Demetrius Gemariah
Ordinate for Aphiah Ayakanth
Master of Records, Tax, and Employment, Calixis Sector, Planet of Scintilla,
In accordance with the wishes of the Master of the Administratum
High Lord of Terra,
Loyal servant to The God-Emperor’

And Commander Kadence promptly removed the adepts from the R&R lodgings.

The adepts find Harten who tells them that he works directly for Greyhawk, and that the adepts just need to trust him. He points them down to a pub in the lower level called Boicher’s which can provide food and board. To make money the adepts agree to a map making contract and thoroughly map the whole of sub-level 74, which turned out to be a smuggler’s floor. The adepts kill the smugglers, apart from the Ganglord, who fled on a Sky Talon onto the planet surface. Tarny, who commissioned the map, said he would get in touch if they track the Ganglord’s location again.

Harten finds the adepts the next day to tell them a message from Greyhawk has arrived on a personal line. Going to the Astropath tower the adepts received the following message:

“I have a matter of importance which I must urgently discuss with you, and requires your discretion. Do not bring your recent addition. You will find me on the Holy Terra, a ship is already waiting for you. You leave immediately from Hanger Bay 6e, sublevel 29.”

Tattered Fates, part 2

After leaving Ciaphus and Obidiah to secure the church, we decided to head to the Fates Wheel arena to try and have a word with the Papa Grist character we had heard so much about, hoping he might have some information for us. Before leaving, Obidiah warned us of a legendary creature, called the widower. A killer from the shadows, the widower was an ancient legend, who many said had begun to kill again, and that we should be on our guard.

After checking in most of our items (except for Delain’s hunting rifle, which he snuck in down his trouser, claiming he had a broken leg), we saw a plush casino, complete with gambling tables, slots and fighting arenas. Delaine headed straight for a table, Danth disappeared to work the room, and Inteos headed to the bar to get a drink. Delain lost 14 of our 20 throne playing emperor’s dice, nearly getting thrown out for trying to cheat… Luckily, a distraction arrived in the form of Inteos. On his way to the bar a noble bumped into him, and the noble’s drink was spilled. Inteos offered to replace the drink, and became confused about why the noble was still angry and this had not resolved the situation. Danth tried to smooth things over, but the noble wasn’t having it. He demanded a fight to the death! Not with himself, of course, but with his combat servitor, a hulking thing armed with 2 chain fists.

A crowd started to form and chant, baying for blood. Inteos eventually had no choice but to fight! The house provided him with a choice of weapons, and Inteos chose an electro-flail. In the confusion, Delain swiped a pouch full of credit from the nobleman. Then, the fight began. The announcer introduced Inteos, to a smatter of cheers, then introduced the Servitor to tumultuous applause, who was unbeaten in over 30 fights! The fight began, and Inteos got the first blow in, but it seemed to have little effect on the servitor. The servitor returned with a punch, which caught Inteos on the shoulder, biting into his flesh. Things looked grim, but Danth had noticed something… The servitor had a loose panel and exposed wiring on its back!

“Hit it from behind!” he shouted to Inteos. Luckily, Inteos picked his voice out from the crowd. He circled and hit at the loose panel. By the Emperor’s blessed luck, the electro flail hit dead on the exposed wiring, and caused a short circuit in the servitor, which froze still for a moment. But it was long enough for Inteos to get another good hit in. The thing turned, swivelling 180 degrees at the waste to face Inteous, and swung again. But, slowed by its damage, Inteos ducked the blow, and delivered a final smash with the flail, and the servitor’s servos slowly died with a metallic whine. The crowd went wild, and the book-makers all looked very happy at this unexpected result.

Danth went straight off to the maitre’d, asking what reward we would get for putting on such a show. We were presented with an opportunity for one of our number to enter a contest of marksmanship… To the death! It was a duel, each participant given a duelling las. Ten paces, turn, and fire. Danth agreed that we would put someone up for this contest, and agreed that the winner would claim everything the loser had on them. Delain arrived back with a huge pile of thrones, won after betting the Nobleman’s money on the outcome of the fight, and was just as shocked that he was to enter a duel as his companions were at seeing his huge pile of cash! Danth then disappeared to find good odds on the duel, while Delain and Inteos went to check out the competition.

They found Delain’s rival, showing off to the crowd. He blasted a smiley face in the side of the arena with a Las pistol, to which Delain responded by shooting it between the eyes with his Hunting rifle, silencing the crowd as he stepped into the ring. He was provided a pistol by the house, and he and his rival faced each other, with a nod of mutual respect. Delain’s opponent was heavily armoured, only his head exposed. As they took their steps, a nervous hush fell over the crowded. After ten, the announcer shouted to fire. Both combatants were quick of the mark, spinning and unsheathing their weapons in perfect unison. Delain took a slight advantage, lining up his shot as he drew, and fired first. Concentrating more on aiming than dodging, a mild look of surprise crossed his opponents face, before the shot hit him square in the eye, blowing out the back of his head. Once more, the crowd exploded and the bet-makers smiled with deviant glee. However, after claiming his winnings, Danth was pickpocketed and lost over a thousand throne! After apologising to his peers for losing the money they had risked their lives to win, we were approached, and told to try our luck at the Wheel of Fortune. After Inteos calculating that the odds should be in our favour, and Delain having a test spin to check the wheel wasn’t rigged, we decided to have a go. After clearing a couple of hundred throne, the croupier presented us with a golden coin, and told us to present it at a door marked “Employees only”.

After being allowed access to the door, we headed upstairs to Papa Grist’s office. He introduced himself, as well as his Bodyguards. The first was a huge beast of a man, champion of the hammer fights, and the only other man to ever beat the combat servo, and an ex-guard. The other was a mysterious robed figure, named bliss, who should “Avoid those black ships, if you know what I mean”. Papa Grist had a proposition for us – he had a rival, by the Name of the Spider Bride, who had been on the planet for many years. He wanted her removed, so he could have a monopoly on the planet. In return, he would provide us with information, a thousand throne each, and a ticket to the Midnight revel party at the great estate. Based on our performance in the arena, and the fact that we were relatively unknown, he thought we might be the right guys for the job. After making it fairly clear that the other option was fighting our way out, we accepted his offer. We asked only that he set us up with a contact to get some supplies, and for one more favour. We asked for him to make it look like we had been brought back here and killed so he could get our winnings back. He assured us that 3 bodies would be found. Then after throwing us a bag containing our stolen Throne (and the head of the theif…), we left.

After collecting the items Delain won (A las pistol, a couple of power packs and a rather small suit of flak armour, as well as 4 syringes of obscura), we went to buy some items with our winnings (1655 throne, not bad seeing as we entered with 20!). After buying materials to resize Delain’s armour, and purchasing armour for the rest of our crew, we had enough left to buy some rounds and were on our way.

Heading to the pleasure gardens, where the spider queen makes her lair, we attempted to get some information out of people there. All had heard of the spider queen, and could point us towards her, but would say no more. Once we approached her den, we were immediately granted an audience, which just felt a bit too easy. However, as soon as we got inside, she made it clear that she knew why we were here. The Spider Bride sat in a wed of satin, silk, cogitators and wires, and was surrounded by a harem of beauties. One came up to greet us, and had a little flirt with Danth. After she scratched him, he seemed to become a little uncomfortable, but just gave the girls behind a little squeeze. At this, she floored him and placed a stiletto heel over his heart, snarling and revealing sharp fangs. The spider bride was amused by all this going on, and warned Danth not to mess with her girls.

She then proceeded to offer us a counter offer. If we took a “Present” to Grist, she would get us into the revel, as well as providing us with information that Grist could not provide. After learning that she had been on the planet centauries, since Harlock’s time, we decided what she may be able to tell us would likely be extremely valuable. Also, as she had a huge harem of sexy ladies with poisonous nails, we decided we did not fancy fighting our way out. So, we left, taking her present with us – a steel box, which she warned only Grist should open. After we left, we all kept quiet until we reached the edge of the Spider Brides territory, keeping a careful watch for her spider servitor spies. When we believed it safe to talk, we headed back to the church to discuss our options (whilst also all vowing to learn a secret language so we can speak without being overheard). On the way to the church we found a group of men and women in heron masks, whose insids had been removed and used to redecorate the street. After not being able to identify the weapon used to cause the wounds, we got the creck out of there pretty sharpish!

After considering going back to the Spider Bride and telling her we had killed Grist and then double crossing her, we decided the easiest option was to simply deliver the gift. So, we went back to Grist’s office. We convinced him that we had the Brides head in the box, after Danth spun him an epic tale of our daring fight with the Bride and her harem. Satisfied, Grist opened the box to inspect his prize… At which a spider servitor leapt out, and used its razor sharp claws to decapitate Grist in one smooth motion. It then smashed through a window with Grist’s head.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Delain tried to put a couple of bullets into the psyker. Unfortunately, s/he was ready and caught the shots. The bodyguard pulled out a hammer, while Delain and Danth rounded on the psyker. Bliss and Delain exchanged shots, however, Danth began to ignore the psyker and went to aid Inteos, who was grabbing the bodyguard to stop him building momentum with his hammer. As Delain continued to trade shots with Bliss, Danth screamed at him to ignore the Psyker, its already dead, while shooting into Inteos and the bodyguard, who were locked in combat. After sustaining a few wounds (particularly Inteos, who had his leg almost broken by the hammer) the pair were felled, and an alarm began to sound. Pushing the desk up against the door, we turned to aid Inteos. Danth remembered Inteos had some doses of stimm in his medpack. Unfortunately, he also had two doses of the obscura, and no one managed to remember the difference. After picking a random syringe, we injected Inteos. By divine luck we picked the stimm, and we were able to make good our escape down a fire escape, after recovering the hammer and a combat shotgun from the bodygaurd and a hand cannon from Grist’s body. We moved quickly back to the Spider Bride’s, where we thought our chances of protection and healing were best.
With Inteos hobbling in using the hammer as a crutch, we were given space to rest while Inteos was taken to be healed. We don’t know what happened, and Inteos does not remember, but we heard plenty of screaming while he was away…

After we had had time to recover, the Bride granted us an audience. She was delighted with her prize (Grist’s head was on display) and seemed in good spirits. She revealed the following important information;

• The steel clock had the power not only to predict astronomical events but also to cause them.
• The clock was impervious to harm, other than during the Eclipse.
• The Widower was an ancient warp-spawn evil, shackled to the clock by Erasmus Harlock, and bound in service to the Harlock line.
• The heron mask wants to use the Revel as an excuse to execute some evil plan, which will result in the devastation of the planet. He has also been trying to kill the Harlock line so the Widower cannot be used as a weapon against him.
• The Widower wants to destroy the planet during the Revel, thus destroying the clock which he otherwise can’t touch, and freeing him from service. But, the Heron Mask won’t let him as it will interfere with his plans.

After receiving this knowledge, and a ticket to the revel as guests of the spider bride, we left to find the Lady Mel’ua. From the charts we had found, she appeared to be the last of the Harlock line and we thought she may have information. We also thought she might need protection, if the Heron mask wanted her dead.

We caught up with the Lady in a bar, and told her of the fate of her brother. We also explained some of what we know, and asked if she believed anything suspicious had happened that may help us, but she knew nothing. She seemed to know nothing of the widower, and told us that she had some family on world, but they were not of the line. She asked us to escort her to the party, and being gents we agreed.

A few hours later we set off with Mel’ua in her coach. We entered the party, and were given masks. We decided to work the room, and try to find out if any of the guests were also on the Harlock family tree.

Danth got chatting to a frisky old lady, who started flirting with him. He did pretty well, and got lots of gossip, but none of it relevant. Delain got on like a house on fire with Tareg Doru, a fane owner from Gunmetal city. They bonded over their love of guns and hatred of the posh pretenders at the party. Again, he was fairly useless with information, as he refused to talk about the other revellers unless he was just insulting them. He seemed a fairly good ally to have, though, particularly as he had a hench looking armed guard with him, and Delain liked him, so they chatted for a bit. After offering to defend Tareg in a duel, he said for Delain to look him up next time we’re in Gunmetal and he’d hook him up. Inteos got talking to a guy, but all he talked about was how much people seemed to hate him, and he didn’t know anyone as no one ever spoke to him. Then he started talking about his interest in effluent. Human or animal, he finds both interesting.

Suddenly, Danth ushered Delain and Inteos over. He had spotted Lord Larx Mel’ua, stood in the corner of the room, the heron mask running from him. We went over, and Larx was catatonic, and totally unresponsive. We led him to a chair and Inteos inspected him. Turned out his chest was ripped open and his heart removed. His lungs still continue to work as normal, however.
Delain and Inteos wanted to destroy the aberration, so took him out to a bedroom, where they planned on setting the body alight. Danth took exception to this and began to argue with Delain, when suddenly, Inteos had taken the knife they recovered from the note the Heron Mask had pinned to a wall. He plunged it into his breast, then into the head of Larx. A strange apparition appeared, screaming with psychic energy, but only Inteos could see it clearly. After blasting it back to the warp, a group of revellers entered the room. One began yelling at us to leave as they wanted to use the bedchambers. Luckily, another man with whom the first man had enmity arrived, and they went outside to duel.

We went outside, when suddenly the steel clock struck, and the ground felt like it was shifting. Then, through the steel doors at each end of the corridor, 6 attack servitors appeared, each wielding two large clamp-like pincers!

They charged us, and while Inteos damaged several with a combat shotgun, they soon engaged us. Inteos began trying to disable the servitors, while Danth began to fight back. Delain expertly dodged their clumsy attacks, while taking them out with a barrage of las-pistol shots. Inteos scrambled the circuits of one, which turned and fled, smashing the door at the end of the corridor. After picking off the remaining servitors, we followed the one that had run into a dusty old museum. We looted the place and got the following;

• Kick ass stealthy armour piercing needle gun
• Super hunting rifle
• Power claw
• Super deadly bolt gun which rolls many damage dice
• Crazy fill it with fire anti psyker lance

We moved through another door and rejoined the main party. However, the clock began to chime again, and we were ushered into the hall of clocks.

We entered a round room with thousands of clocks, ticking away in a great cacophony. Slowly, the ticking seemed to grow louder and faster, and the clocks began to tick as one. The guests all began to mutter and look around – this was not what usually happens.

Finally, the great steel clock begins to chime. At that moment, the Heron mask stepped out onto the raised section on which the clock rests. He started shouting about how the time has come, we’re all doomed, ya-da ya-da ya-da, when the man in the Jackal mask steps out from the crowd. Some words are exchanged, and the Jackal mask reveals his true nature… He has been possessed by the widower!

Everyone begins to run about screaming, as the followers of the Beloved start killing indiscriminately. Heron masks directs his followers to attack the widower, who appears as a large cloud of darkness, with tentacles and maws swirling in and out of existence. We try to take out the two, but any damage to the widower instantly regenerates, and shooting the Heron in the panicking crowd proves difficult. As wave after wave of the Heron’s followers are shredded by the widower, Delain remembers something the Spider Bride said; “To stop a clock, simply remove its pendulum”. Worth a try, so Delain runs across the room and charges through the door at the base of the clock. He is faced by a large steel pendulum swinging through the air, which contains a purple jewel the size of a heart.

Meanwhile, the Heron has joined the fray with the Widower, and the two are exchanging vile sorcerous attacks, covering the whole room in an unnatural chill. After watching it tear through numerous cultists, Danth and Inteous continue to attack the Widower, judging it to be the greater of two evils. Eventually, the Heron is overwhelmed, and ripped apart by the Widower, his warp magics no protection. At this, Inteos and Danth run, Danth to the edge of the room, Inteos to join Delain in the centre of the clock.

Inteos arrives just in time to see Delain fly from the pendulum – he managed to leap on, but the layer of frost made hanging on near impossible, and he only managed to get one swift kick to the pendulum. Delain tried again, but was again instantly thrown into the wall. Inteos watched as the widower approached Danth, whose shots had no effect, and crushed his arm with an unholy maw. Then, it began to head towards the clock. Delain again tried to mount the pendulum but fell, although he felt the jewel dislodge slightly. Inteos stood in the door way, preparing to defend the room from the widower, which took a chunk from him despite his readiness. Once more Delain Grabbed hold of the pendulum and swung upon it, this time getting a stronger grip, while Inteos tried in vain to attack the beast. The widower again attacked Inteos, who was nearly knocked down, and his tendrils began to reach into the room towards Delain where he swung. But with one final kick, the jewel fell from the pendulum. As it tumbled to the ground, the clock began to chime loudly, and the Widower shrank back. Then, the clock fell knocking Delain down and almost crushing Inteos. After the rumble had cleared, they found the face of the widower, in a black puddle on the floor.

The widowers face suddenly cried out in a chilling voice;
“He comes, the master. I am his herald. By the footsteps of fools he is announced. The mirror shatters, the island burns. He returns, the dark traveller, and ruin comes with him.
Last and first of the harlocks my master comes.”

As people returned to the room to see what had happened, the old lady Danth was flirting with got her body guard to administer him first aid, while Delain scooped the Widower into a bottle and Inteos reclaimed the jewel.

Upon leaving the mansion, a man in white greated us. He was the White Scholar, and we filled him in on what happened. He got us in touch with Greyhawk, and after we told him what had happened, and he realised we weren’t all dead (he seemed so upset about it…), he congratulated us, and said he was on his way to meet us.


Tattered Fates

Narrowly escaping the destruction that awaited the Space Hulk Twilight the group was brought before Greyhawk. We told him of our adventure and handed over our hard won prizes.

We introduced the only surviving member of the Cell that we met onboard and we took him into our fold, having legally declared him among the slain on the space hulk.

After the debrief we were instantly thrust into our next situation. Inquisitor Greyhawk introduced us to the wizened old figure of Arch-Cardinal Herotedus. We have been tasked to go to individual planets and search for Artifacts that link to the Haarlock rogue trader line. This is a line so ancient that it fought with the Angevin Crusade to take the Sector and while the deed is still active, no one has been currently head of the Haarlock line for almost 200 years.

They did fall on dark times though. During the Crusade one Falstino Haarlock, then head of the line was responsible for taking the planet Quaddis. His plan was brilliant for its simplicity. By not advancing the technology of the planet too far, it would never fall under Imperial rule. As the owner of this planet he could sell it off piece by piece to the highest bidders as a kind of free state zone.

Of course this galled the Imperium but with so many of its highest ranked members and officials owning property on Quaddis they were unable to do anything about it without throwing the whole Sector into strife.

There have been dark rumours and portents heard that Erasmus Haarlock is set to return. No one knows why or how but this is why we are here. To investigate and find out.

We are given 3000 throne gelt each to do what we need before we are sent to individual planets to follow separate lines of Inquiry. Danth goes to the Lathes, Ciaphas to Barsapine, 624 to Amalthus, Intios to Heed, and Delaine to Landunder.

We are to make weekly reports to Greyahwk with our progress.


Ciaphas – On Barsapine I have been investigating the Souks and to gather information on any unusual items that maybe for sale. I fall in with a bad crowd and learn of the black market that operates on Barsapine.

624 – Learned that there are large shipments being made by a local arms dealer.

Danth – No luck with the cogboys, keeping quiet.


Ciaphas – Pushed my connections too hard, too soon, they have become wary and shut me out of the loop a bit

Danth – Made a real impact with the workers, learned that there have been lots of disappearances of Noble children recently.

624 – joined a merc group and performed a few tasks. Also heard rumours of missing nobles

Intios – No Report

Delaine – No report


Ciaphas – They asked me to prove myself by leading this cult in a sermon against the imperium, I tried my best to lead them along and further implant myself in them but failed. I could not summon the necessary fervour to make them believe.

Danth – Posing as a ship trader (which was lols), went to meet with some nobles, he didn’t do too badly overall and found out that a Senator’s daughter was missing.

624 – Promoted to a squad leader after a daring raid on an ork encampment


Ciaphas – No report

624 – No Report

Danth – Went investigating clock makers (as the Haarlocks loved them some clocks) and found out about the great silver clock in their mansion on Quaddis, this clock also only chimes 13 times in the festival of Tattered fates when a solar eclipse occurs and lawlessness is rife.


No reports whatsoever.

Each of us in our respective locations are captured and brought together.

When we next awoke Ciaphas, 624 and Danth were all together with a group of randomers in what looked to be an arena. We were stripped of all our gear so were were practically defenceless. On the edge of the arena we could see a person in a Heron mask watching. As he looked onwards howling came from near the grates that led from the arena and we were greeted by the sight of a horde of foul crazy mutant warp dog things with no eyes. In their rush to get to us they all jammed up the exit but one managed to get through. He set about slaughtering the innocent people there, using a discarded bone as a shank danth dispatched this foul beast when 2 more leapt through the entrance.

It was at this point that a ladder leading out of the arena descended from the wall and we attempted our escape with two people in tow. One didn’t make it but one escaped with us only to die moments later upon our escape.

We had been aided by a mysterious figure who had dispatched what appeared to be our captor in dirty leathers. We stole his clothes and his gun and found a note pinned to the wall by a knife!

We started to make our way through this unknown complex and encountered some scavengers who we scared off with a gunshot. We then stole some cool stuff from the dead guy they were eating.

Moving swiftly on we entered what appeared to be a giant vertical tube with a narrow bridge crossing it. The tube extended beyond our vision above and below. As we crossed it a crazy giant bat deal attacked us, mainly Ciaphus as he was quite wounded from those crazy blind arena dogs. But he stabbed it into hell.

The next room of note we encountered was a giant room with a walkway going down the middle and two large blender type deals on either side in pools of blood and gore, 2 servitors stood on the walkway, opposite each other by the railings and grabbed unidentifiable falling chunks of meat to throw into the blender chopper blades.

What ensued, was carnage…

A few rolls and some burned fate points later we managed to escape to the other side.

After making steady progress for an hour or two we came across 3 intelligent individuals taking a Hexalid for a walk… They were trying to put it in a cage really but they were dressed as the bad guy who was in control of the arena so we shot them, the Hexalid then managed to break free and munch them up before coming for us… We kicked its ass.

Gathering what supplies and clothing we could from the dudes we moved on to a big storage room full of containers. We entered in the dark but the center was lit. Leaving a nice area of shadow for us to skulk through.

Fight way out of tunnels and up to city level, discover Inquisitor Kharkolla mortally wounded and swear to stop the ‘Heron masks’ plan & save planet. Bump into Delain and Inteos, being transported to be sold as slaves.

Left with no gear, strike bargain with local trader @ Jonathan’s Wares for gold & shotgun

Approach old woman Madame Mengru for healing, asks Cell to kill rival physician, Dr Barnabus

After visiting clinic of Dr Barnabus the Cell surprised him and one member attempts robbery, held back by Cleric but after firing upon the Cell, Barnabus is executed, his body defiled to assist in robbery of his practice

Encounter a Lady Mel’ua who was searching for her missing brother Larx Mel’ua. Asked acolytes to contact her if he or anything relating to him or her bloodline was discovered.

After healing by Madame Mengru, the acolytes returned to Promenade where they intervene to stop murder of preacher Obidiah Psalter. Psalter leads them to his ruined parish, done so by the ‘Beloved’ who had a Heron mask on. The ruined templum was host to a symbol of 8 packing boxes which when touched, unleashed 3 demons into the world. The acolytes barely defeated the demons who were wracked with instability due to their surroundings. Having their wounds bound by Psalters contact from a local clinic the acolytes discovered numerous astrological charts and blood lineages of sector nobility relating to the Haarlock line and relations to it. Following thus the Cell prepared to find Papa Grist at the Fates Wheel & the White Scholar

Rumble in Lanunder
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