Nomad Hunting Rifle

Long range solid projectile based pain

weapon (ranged)

A long polished tube of silver chased with jet and carnosaur ivory detailing, set into a stock of ebonwood.


Previously owned by Gustavus Haarlock, the man who for better or worse is more well known as being one of the segmentums greatest trophy hunter rather than a rogue trader.

Known for his passion for hunting, the agri domes of Gabriel Chase teem with wildlife brought back by this madcap adventurer.

Gustavus was killed hunting a carnosaur known as the Dark Noise on its native Dusk. Despite putting a round directly into the creatures brain and hewing off its head, his prized rifle was no match for the Bloodflies of the planets swamps and died shortly after his return to Quaddis. His rifle and the skull of the beast were interred in the family museum to remind of threats that cannot be seen.

Nomad Hunting Rifle

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