Angelus Bolt Carbine

Highly Illegal Bolt Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The Angelus Bolt Carbine is secretly produced in the Fane of Fykos on Gunmetal. The fanes on Gunmetal produce, under strict surveillance and security measures, the casings and primary propulsion charges for the bolt shells used by the Space Marines. Despite the strict control some of these shells (called “blind” shells) “disappear” and can be subsequently used for the aforementioned carbine

Only the most exquisite materials are used for this gun and the lacquered stock of the gun houses three bolt shells in its magazine. Due to the highly illegal nature of these weapons (and its ammunition) only very wealthy and trusted clients get the opportunity to obtain one, amongst them the richest bounty hunters and most famous beast-slayers of the Calixis Sector.


Taken from the body of Sister Encarmine of the Order of the Barbed Rose on Barsapine.

Found to be investigating the Haarlock’s affairs and dealings in the sector for a Grand History, her work and life were cut short on the orders of Erasmus to protect his secrets

Angelus Bolt Carbine

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