The Trials of Cell Theta

The Undoing (part 1)

Following on from your exploits on Quaddis, instead of Greyhawk in person, you receive a data slate, the message reads:
“I am detained elsewhere. This ship will take you to Scintilla now where I have secured R&R lodgings for you. Rest and re-stock. I will have need of you soon if all goes well, and sooner if not. Never forget that the God Emperor protects all those who are devout and loyal. Wait for word on Scintilla.”

The messenger, a friendly looking Imperial soldier named Harten, beckons you to an Aquila Lander which takes you into orbit, to a standard class light cruiser which is stationary next to another light cruiser. To the untrained eye they look identical. They are un-imaginatively named: The Emperor’s Sword, and The Emperor’s Shield.

You land on Scintilla, and Harten points you to the R&R lodgings, located next to the barracks. Company Commander Kadence of the Fourteenth Blue Gauge Command (aka PDF) is responsible for the R&R lodgings, and is very dislikeable.

Inteos, 624 and Ciaphas Cain go exploring, and find an Inn on one of the lower levels and trade some gear. Amasec is drunk, and the time passes.

The next day the adepts go exploring through the Hive city. They find the Astro-path tower and Adeptus Administratum, in the hope of finding out more information about Inquisitor Greyhawk, and to find out what happened to their lost Guncutter and pilot – Andronitus.

They discover that Andronitus and the Guncutter were given orders to search for Relics on a Feral world called Kanak. It crash landed here for as yet unknown reasons. Andronitus was seriously injured, but the emergency beacon alerted a nearby friendly Imperial Guard unit, which recovered Andronitus in his critical condition. He was transferred from ship to ship, slowly making his way to across the sector, to a central space station for better medical attention.

The adepts hack into the Administratum, drawing the attention of the Adeptus Arbites. After a stand-off, and the identities of the adepts being confirmed, they are released.

The next day, the adepts receive the following message:

‘You have been released of your duty and are no longer deemed Acolytes of the Inquisition. All powers and titles are hence forth relinquished. It would be deemed treacherous to inform any persons of your previous role as an Inquisitor, or if you discuss it with previous contacts.
However, the Administratum still believes you can be of service to the God Emperor. In employment, your taxes and tithes will support our unending effort. As such, if you do enter into employment please find the form E6-334-SSG-2 to ensure all tithes and taxes are deducted as appropriate.
We hope you find glory in this, as in all service to the God-Emperor.

Demetrius Gemariah
Ordinate for Aphiah Ayakanth
Master of Records, Tax, and Employment, Calixis Sector, Planet of Scintilla,
In accordance with the wishes of the Master of the Administratum
High Lord of Terra,
Loyal servant to The God-Emperor’

And Commander Kadence promptly removed the adepts from the R&R lodgings.

The adepts find Harten who tells them that he works directly for Greyhawk, and that the adepts just need to trust him. He points them down to a pub in the lower level called Boicher’s which can provide food and board. To make money the adepts agree to a map making contract and thoroughly map the whole of sub-level 74, which turned out to be a smuggler’s floor. The adepts kill the smugglers, apart from the Ganglord, who fled on a Sky Talon onto the planet surface. Tarny, who commissioned the map, said he would get in touch if they track the Ganglord’s location again.

Harten finds the adepts the next day to tell them a message from Greyhawk has arrived on a personal line. Going to the Astropath tower the adepts received the following message:

“I have a matter of importance which I must urgently discuss with you, and requires your discretion. Do not bring your recent addition. You will find me on the Holy Terra, a ship is already waiting for you. You leave immediately from Hanger Bay 6e, sublevel 29.”



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